The Belly Breath

Order the E-book with Mentor Notes

Age range : 4-10 years old

With this MentorNotes for Kids, your child will quickly learn how to calm down when angry or upset

  • The Belly Breath is specifically designed to help your child breathe properly and fight off anxiety
  • We combine different styles of learning (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic) to maximize your child's learning potential
  • We do the hard work so you will be able to teach the materials confidently
  • Content is for both kids and parents (so you know how to empower your child)

This package includes:

  1. The Belly Breath e-book
  2. Audiobook (read by Dr. Belisa Vranich herself)
  3. Parents' Video Guide (how to use the book effectively, by Dr. Belisa)
  4. Children's Coloring Book
  5. Children's Workbook
  6. How To Answer Difficult Questions (for parents)
  7. Fun Master Breather Certificate (for kids who finish all activities)
  8. Anti-Anxiety Breathing Lesson for Children (bonus chapter)

Book is included. All learning materials will become instantly and permanently accessible in your password-protected MentorNotes area.