We are living at a time when we are so caught up in “doing things” and trying to keep up with the rapid escalation of information and media that we often forget to stay connected to that which is most essential - BREATHING.

Rudolph Steiner informs us that the average person breathes 25,900 times daily. How we breath has a radical influence on the balance of our autonomic nervous system, our acid/alkaline balance, our digestion and elimination, and our posture and the muscles themselves.

I feel that Dr. Belisa Vranich has put together a simple, effective program to help anyone learn to breath effectively, which is an essential first step to body-mind integration.
Belisa has a logical approach and strong scientific background to the breathing … that works very well in a corporate environment, where [management] needs validity and practical reassurance to bring in something new or that’s more creative.
We have brought Dr. Belisa into our office numerous times for group sessions. The feedback from everyone is always the same: her class is life changing.
Dr. Belisa has mastered breathing techniques for controlling stress, improving lung health, and boosting performance.
Groundbreaking in her summary of the importance of oxygen and breathing, Dr. Belisa tackles the deleterious effects of modern stress, boundless energy and intuition.
My YPO group is still practicing the fabulous breathing techniques that Dr. Vranich taught us. The techniques for reducing stress and increasing energy are invaluable.
I am in awe of the facility with which Dr. Belisa Vranich translates technical information about the body and breath into simple, fun, yet profound exercises to free life energy and restore health.
— Jim Morningstar, Ph.D., Director, School of Integrative Psychology, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Successful, long term weight loss needs you to address your stress/cortisol levels as cortisol causes your body to hold on to fat. Breathwork and meditation is the most successful way to do this, and Dr. Belisa teaches this in an easy, fast way. Lowering your stress and getting connected to your body is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle. Many of my clients have worked directly with Dr. Belisa and see immediate results in not just their waistline but in their overall happiness! Bravo, Belisa, for showing us how!
— Lyn-Genet, author of New York Times bestseller The Plan: Eliminate the Surprising “Healthy” Foods That Are Making You Fat – and Lose Weight Fast
Innovative and effective stress relief. Amazing experience. It made such a difference in my clarity and energy. Just spectacular!
— Dr. Mathew Reid, Capt., US Army Medical Corps, Emergency Dept., Atlanta GA
Dr. Belisa Vranich has developed a cutting-edge technique for reducing stress that translates well across cultures, and is proving to be effective with people who have been profoundly traumatized. Classic and groundbreaking, modern and ancient—it empowers as it heals.
— Hawthorne Smith, Ph.D, Bellevue/NYU Hospital
Most recently I utilized her expertise during a defensive tactics program conducted at the Manhattan DEA office. Dr. Belisa’s reviews were outstanding. We trained approximately 30 Agents from the DEA and US Marshals Service. The feedback was fantastic.
— Steve Kardian, former Chief Investigator, NYC Department of Investigation, New York
Dr. Belisa’s class helped alleviate my sciatica like no other treatment, so I was able to perform at Carnegie Hall once again! It is extraordinary.
— Ieva Siuksta, The Manhattan Symphonie Orchestra Violinist, New York City
I heard from so many consultants about how much they not only loved but needed your breathing class. You brought them to tears and made them laugh. It was such a unique class and I definitely want to make it staple for future events.
— Patty Brisben, Pure Romance President and CEO, Inc 5000 and Fortune 500 Company, Cincinnati, Ohio
Dr. Belisa had an idea for people just like me—weekend warriors who get an adrenaline rush from Saturdays engaged in mock heroics but spend the week as mere mortals . . . I reached a sort of super-oxygenated Zen peace. It made the mud pit look like a tiptoe through the tulips. I left that night, floating around the West Village like a deep breathing sage. The relaxation lasted all weekend—and into Monday.
— Joshua David Stein, DuJour Magazine
With her remarkable talent for making important health information poignant and practical, Dr. Belisa is a wealth of information like no other.
— Lisa Oz, Radio and television personality, six-time New York Times Bestselling Author including You: The Owner’s Manual series.
Dr. Belisa will change your life. My health has improved with the new practices and my ability to remain poised under extreme emotional stress has expanded fourfold. Even my level of discomfort during long computer work hours has been drastically reduced because of her teaching.
— Dave S.W. ★★★★★
This class opened my eyes to the power of breathing and the difference it can make when done correctly. It has given me a way to deal with my anxiety that a pill never could. I look forward to attending the advanced class.
— Brennan C. ★★★★★
I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about what keeps me alive - breathing.
— Heather F. ★★★★★
I recommend your book to all my students. Not only is it a fun read, but it contains specific, detailed, step by step guidance to dramatically improve one’s breathing efficiency, wellness, and performance. Thank you Belisa!
— Thong N. ★★★★★
Dr Belisa’s class proved that through breathing exercise, in a short amount of time, you will see huge improvements. More oxygen means being healthier. I highly recommend her. I left the class knowing that she’s changed my life for the better.
— Gillian R.
I’ve felt clearer-headed and far more energized after concentrating on the exercises Dr. Vranich provided after an introductory breathing class. It takes patience and practice to re-learn breathing as it’s supposed to be. But if you push through, it’s well worth it. She is also encouraging, easy to work with and friendly. Definitely a worthwhile experience for anyone, but particularly someone in a stressful position.
— Roger A Canaff, Associate Broker/Attorney, CBRE
I took this class a year and a half ago and I find myself using the methodology every day. I left stunned that something we take for granted, such as the way we breathe, can be so life-altering.
— Chad Levine, Equal Fights Movement Women's Self Defense
The students raved about Dr. Belisa’s class—it was well attended, and the students were thrilled to spend dedicated time with an expert who enabled them to concentrate on the root of much of their stress and technical problems.
— Andrew Hauze, Director, Swarthmore College Orchestra and Wind Ensemble
Women have fallen out of communication with their bodies and themselves. We have an epidemic of cancers and other life-threatening conditions that tug on the heartstrings of our civilization. If there’s one educator leading the way to a clear and uncompromising understanding about women’s health, it’s Dr. Belisa.
— Tera Warner, Director, Women’s Summits for Health, Montreal, Canada
Dr. Belisa has mastered breathing techniques for controlling stress, improving lung health, and boosting performance.
— Sean Hyson, Men's Fitness Magazine
But here’s the biggest blessing—correct breathing can also help you spiritually. If you do it correctly and regularly, you’ll be able to relax, your mind will follow, and you’ll be able to hear yourself think.
— Alicia Maxey-Green, Heart and Soul Magazine
Dr. Belisa’s knowledge is amazing and the session and the information communicated was invaluable. Dr. Belisa is a wonderful caring and compassionate professional and the skills she teaches can improve everyone’s health and well-being.
— Earl Winthrop, Winthrop Wealth Management, Boston
Belisa is an incredibly open and gifted healer of others and her book is full of her amazing wisdom!
— David Elliot, Healer and author of Reluctant Healer and Healing
Belisa Vranich and her breathing classes saved my life. When I met her, all I felt inside my lungs and chest was extreme, rock hard tightness. Every breath was a struggle. I almost never could get a deep, satisfying breath. I was scared, I was panicked and I was exhausted.

Belisa taught me exercises that rewired the way I breathe… in through my belly and out, like a balloon. I had never known about belly breathing because all I had ever done my whole life was breath shallowly, using about 15% of my lung capacity, breathing vertically from the top of my lungs. The exercises are rigorous, and in my case, emotionally powerful and effective tools that I continue to practice daily.

I now breathe easily, filling my belly up with oxygen and letting it out. I seldom wonder about my next breath, but if I do, I have practical tools to fall back on. Belisa’s support and encouragement were unfaltering. I am forever grateful.
— Barbara Baruch
I’m a chronic pain patient, living with a brain disease, and I am continuously searching for lifestyle tweaks so that I can be the architect of my own health.
As a yogi, breath work has always been close to my heart. It is the one thing that sustains me throughout my practice and when compromised or held, I know that my postures lack integrity. I slowly but surely took this off the mat and into everyday life a few years back. On crowded subways, in never-ending Los Angeles traffic, before the onset of a seizure, you name it. But I wasn’t really reaping the rewards because I was not breathing correctly— and not only through my breath work but every second of everyday.
I didn’t learn this until a good friend told me about a life changing solo class she had w/ Dr. Belisa. My boyfriend and I signed up for her ‘Breathing for Warriors’ class in LA. Not only does Dr. Belisa explain why and how we have been breathing incorrectly, but she hands you tools so that you can change this immediately. I had a closed MRI, of brain and cervical spine, two days later and have never felt so at peace.
There is SO much to gain from The Breathing Class & method. I hope you invest in yourself and your future by partaking.
— Taylor M. ★★★★★
This class was wonderful! Dr. Belisa made everything easy to comprehend and helped you practice on your own. I recommend this class to everyone!!!
— Paul W. ★★★★★