Are you trying to be healthier, are you seeking to deepen your meditation practice? Are you contemplating the idea of teaching? If you’re looking to add more passion, meaning, and purpose to your life, and to help change the lives of others, the BREATHE™ Certification Teacher Training Program is for you.

Please Note: This is an extensive, academically rigorous program limited to 15 students. Please read all details and register ASAP if you are interested!  

The BREATHE™ Certification Teacher Training Program is a complete course in the theory, science, and practice of breathing and breathing meditation. It is designed to prepare individuals to deliver professional breathwork and active meditation instruction to their clients, patients, athletes, and to those healing from medical and emotional issues. The BREATHE™ Certification Teacher Training Program will give you the high degree of specialized training you need to teach numerous breathing techniques and a breathing-centered meditation.

Be inspirational

If you are a physical therapist, life coach, personal trainer, yoga instructor, or coach, you want to be outstanding in your field and on the cutting edge of health science. You want to become an inspiring teacher, to differentiate yourself from the rest, and help people discover newfound health, strength, vitality, creativity, inner peace, endurance, and greater well-being in their everyday lives.

The WAY You Breathe is the Cornerstone of Your Health.

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