The mission of The Breathing Class is to redefine health and treatment at their base level by treating the inhale and the exhale. The Breathing Class gives the power to heal back to patients. It looks at health from the very cornerstone of wellness – the breath.

Many of today’s illnesses are caused or worsened by dysfunctional breathing or unbalanced oxygenation. In addition, stress, can cause illnesses and pain, even at low levels. Mainstream medical treatment only treats symptoms, usually with in the form of medications.

Breathing correctly can enhance performance – athletic performance or even brain performance. Similarly, subpar breathing can lead to problems with memory, with low energy, bad digestion, and sleep.

The Breathing Class compliments all other medical and complementary interventions. Dr. Belisa is a “whole body” psychologist with a specialization in unraveling wellness problems and using interdisciplinary methods for healing.

The Breathing Class has the following 7 as basic tenants:

  1. Oxygen is cell fuel. Many illnesses are caused by under-oxygenation or unbalance of oxygen and CO2.
  2. Breathing is an active exercise. Breathing uses many core muscles of the body that can be trained and strengthened without any accessories.
  3. The body wants to heal, so the goal in the first assessment is not only to correct dysfunctional breathing but also to recognize obstacles preventing the body healing itself, and remove them.
  4. Stress is a major obstacle in health. Without addressing lifestyle and stress, people are doomed to be at the mercy of medical interventions and unnecessary prescription side-effects.
  5. Good medicine employs and offers all different types of solutions. These include medication when necessary, but also the consideration of culture, finances, and spiritual wellbeing.
  6. The patient is responsible for and empowered by work done between sessions.
  7. Open-mindedness in interventions is essential. A patient cannot be treated with the exclusion of their family or other factors like work ergonomics.