Dr. Belisa Vranich is Putting a Little Power in Your Pelvic Floor


Let’s talk about your lady parts and pieces. You know your ose and toes are there to be adored and adorned. You brush your hair and floss your teeth and do those great butt-lifting exercises you learned in the 80s. You smother your skin with lotions and potions and love to take long, hot baths. And it’s easy to take care of what you can see.

But inside your skin, a puzzle of parts you’re not really sure about, are there pumping and thumping and throbbing and bobbing about. And if you knew a bit more about them, you could dramatically improve your overall health, energy and well-being for the long haul.

Perched beneath your pelvis, is a croissant-shaped treasure you likely know little about. Here to help you get acquainted with the power of your pelvic floor, is Dr. Belisa Vranich.


Dr. Belisa Vranich is a clinical psychologist, author, and presenter. She has a private practice in New York City where she focuses on short-term dynamic psychotherapy that is highly interactive. Her passion as a clinician manifests itself in comprehensive, holistic diagnosis and treatment that integrates spirituality, physical health and relationships. Dr. Vranich has written five self-help books and is a regular guest on the “Today Show,” “Good Morning America,” CNN, and Fox News.


The pelvic area is the most important muscle after the heart. To find it, place one hand on your stomach, and one on the top of your butt. The area from the bottom of one hand and around to the other is your pelvis. Recommended squatting exercise

Step 1: Put feet a little wider than hip distance apart and squat down.

Step 2: If you can, put your hands together and push your elbows into your legs.

Step 3: Feel the area in between vagina and anus. When you breathe in and out, you should feel it move a little up and down. When you lift weights, make sure you tighten your pelvic area.


“That women recognize that their pelvic floor is critical. If you take care of your pelvic floor, you can avoid a lot of issues as you get older. That women put their pelvic floor as their top priority.”