30: Life-Changing Breathing with Dr. Belisa Vranich

Life Changing Breath episode # 30 from 10/18
Pain Reframed | Physical Therapy | Pain Management
By Dr. Timothy Flynn and Dr. Jeff Moore | Pain Management | Physical Therapy

We’ve all been told to breathe.  Perhaps we’ve all been told to breathe.  Perhaps we’ve been told which way to breathe, but do we really know HOW to breathe correctly? Dr. Belisa has taught and lectured nationwide on topics related to dysfunctional breathing patterns and stress, addressing both physical and psychological problems related to oxygenation that is out of balance, and teaching people to breathe in an anatomically congruous way that maximizes balanced inhales and exhales. Don’t forget to save the date: June 8-10, 2018 in Denver, Colorado, the Align Conference will be taking place, focusing on neuropathic (nerve) pain.  All of the various concepts of calming the nerves down will be covered at this conference. LINKS: “Breathe” https://www.thebreathingclass.com/ @drbelisa