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I originally heard of Dr Belisa Vranich from a colleague of mine, who mentioned that I had to watch this TedX video of this doctor talking about breathing. So I clicked the link and watched the video. Next thing I know I couldn’t take a breath without analyzing my depth, my shoulders, my chest, and everything else. I immediately got sucked in and started doing research.

I knew I had to get Dr Belisa on the show to share more. Dr Belisa is absolutely brilliant. She’s written 5 books on a variety of topics with her most recent book being Breathe. She is also incredibly funny and outgoing as well, which made for a great and energetic session together on Health Is Wealth.

This episode is LOADED with easy to apply principles. She holds nothing back, so make sure to have your notepads ready for this one!


In this episode we discuss

  • Dr Belisa shares her story with how she got into breathing
  • What is causing the epidemic of poor breathing
  • What does poor breathing do for our health? This is something you do every single minute!
  • Steps to better breathing
  • The types of dysfunctional breathing patterns
  • The difference in breathing for energy vs breathing for sleep
  • Mouth Breathing vs Nose Breathing
  • What to do if you’re a mouth breather
  • The critical pairing of the Diaphragm and The Pelvic Floor
  • Weightlifters, Crossfitters, and the missing link of the pelvic floor

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