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Workshop Descriptions


The Basic Breathing Workshop


This class is for anyone who wants to breathe better, be it because of a specific breathing disorder, because they have the goal of increasing their endurance or deepening their meditation, or to address a feeling of not getting enough air or feeling stuck in their breath.


A short lecture on anatomy, psychology, and spirituality, followed by the active meditation breathing practice, and time to ask questions afterwards. No need to bring anything with you, yoga mats, blankets and towels provided. Wear comfortable clothes. Try not to eat a large meal beforehand. Please do not wear perfume or cologne.


Breathing for Warriors


Breathing for Warriors is an intensive workshop for athletes, military or law enforcement that teaches breathing exercises to improve endurance, and stress management techniques to martial artists, military, law enforcement, and endurance athletes. It is based on the newest proven research conducted on breathing muscles and lung capacity measures.


This workshop starts with an assessment of breathing muscle strength and lung capacity, it goes on to address pain management, PTSD prevention, expedited healing, and teach an “active meditation” for recovery. Each participant will receive an MP3 to practice with and a copy of her book.

WHY TAKE THIS workshop

This class addresses Managing anxiety/panic, regulating adrenaline, increasing shooting precision, enhancing center of gravity and, improving endurance and conditioning.

Breathing for Golf

WHO IS THIS workshop FOR

Golfers who’d like a more powerful, fluid, and replicable swing, or who’d like to learn to breathe in a way that lowers your center of gravity and allows for sustained concentration and focus.This class will teach superior body awareness and flexibility of strategy.


The basis for Breathing For Golf uses the fundamentals of the class taught for sharp shooters and SWAT: controlling your breath means more precision and a greater control of emotions. BFG makes for more consistent performance, better recovery between shots, and control of pregame nervousness.

WHY TAKE THIS workshop

Breathing For Golf teaches you how to breathe in a way that lowers heart rate and blood pressure, breathe to recover from a bad shot and how to remain calm and reserve the energy needed for subsequent games. You will learn how to oxygenate the brain and muscles so that they work to full capacity.

Breathing for Moms


Breathing for Moms teaches moms how to “regain” the sense of their bodies being their own. The class teaches moms, and moms to be, how to protect themselves from postpartum depression and helps moms reconnect with themselves to recognize stressors before they become longer term problems. The class also helps moms to increase their concentration, focus, and general sense of wellbeing.

WHY TAKE THIS workshop

If you're a mother, or a mother-to-be, learn how to help yourself, stay concentrated, and relaxed throughout motherhood. It is important to know how to balance the array of psychological stressors which comes from being a new parent, which is a big part of this workshop.

Corporate Breathing

WHO IS THIS workshop FOR

The Corporate Breathing Class workshops offer corporations a time-efficient way to energize employees and have them acquire techniques to deal successfully with stress. Perfect for staff development and team building, The Breathing Class also teaches mindfulness, increases energy, and builds morale.


Dr. Belisa and her team will bring all the necessary props to your corporate location. A short lecture on anatomy, psychology, and emotional well-being followed by interactive instruction in breathing exercises and an uplifting and entertaining “active” meditation breathing practice. The lecture might include visual aids and handouts. Workout clothes are not required; non-constrictive, comfortable clothes that allow for freedom of movement suffice. Dr. Belisa is readily available by phone and email for any concerns that might arise between sessions related to stress, mental health or any issue of psychological/emotional well being. Participants can expect to experience both immediate and delayed positive responses to oxygenating their body.

WHY TAKE THIS workshop

This one workshop will address multiple employee concerns, from back pain to creativity, heightened morale and productivity.  The Corporate Breathing Class is The Ultimate Natural Cure for Stress


Organize a Workshop

Organize a workshop

for your friends, family, job, gym

Dr. Belisa Vranich is a psychologist and breath-work teacher offering pre-scheduled workshops as well as several workshop options that you can organize and schedule on your own for anywhere in the world!

Group workshops take place regularly in New York City and Los Angeles, California. If you'd like to receive information on when there are classes in your city, OR if you would like to organize a workshop for your friends, family, job or gym please click the following button.

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