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I teach both traditional meditation and a faster breath led “meditation for people who can’t meditate.” I’ve been teaching internationally over a decade -- topics related to meditation, spirituality and human’s quest for happiness. My meditations focus on how to immediately reduce stress, increase your focus and overall physical and mental well being. Current coursework I offers includes training trainers – how to teach staff the basics of teaching short meditation classes in work or wellness settings.



Increase your conditioning and your athletic performance, while shortening your recovery time Training and exercises designed for both for beginners and high-end athletes. I specializes in teaching breath work for combat sports. 



Want to develop your programming that includes mindfulness, promote happiness, productivity and cutting edge approach to wellness? I have experience in both academic and tourism settings and can consult with your group about anything from from boosting the endurance and mental resilience of your sports team to developing a virtual stretch program your employees can do at their desks. 


About Dr. Alexei

Dr. Alexei is an archaeologist and public speaker. Having spent the last two decades working at 13,000 feet in the high Andes with lungs that were born and raised at sea level, Dr. Alexei learned to strengthen his breathing muscles make the most out a low air pressure environment and fend off the effects of long- term oxygen deprivation. He is regularly interviewed on the History Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, Smithsonian. As Faculty in Residence in the university dorms, Dr. Alexei would lead regular meditation and breathing sessions to help the students overcome stress and anxiety at UCLA and Berkeley. Dr. Alexei teaches the biomechanics of breathing and a dynamic meditation for athletes, as well as correct breathing for presenters and public speaking. Dr. Alexei has studied Judo and wrestling, and is currently training in Muay Thai and BJJ.

Click here for Dr. Alexei’s reel tape of other documentaries on Discovery, History channel, and the BBC Controlled breathing can induce feelings of ecstasy and even awe. Why are these feelings important for your well being? Check out this piece in Huffington Post, or Dr. Alexei’s recent chapter (2019) in a book by Burning Man co-founder Will Rogers. Watch a full-length documentary Dr. Alexei made a few years back working at 13,000 feet above sea level.



New York City September-October 2019

Winter 2019 New Zealand, Brasil, Hong Kong, Dubai and London. For more info email us.

June 2019
Breathing at High Altitude 

Los Angeles
May 31 - June 3

Melbourne, Australia
May 10
Seminar Breathing for Jujitsu @ Zero point BJJ

April 15-25
Teacher Training @ The Body Factory

November 15, 2018 - January 1
The Camp Muay Thai 
Breathing for MMA trainers

July 20-August 11, 2018
Breathing and Stretching for Surfing
Paradon beach, at the Driftwood hostel

San Francisco: Berkeley
in residence in dorm meditation classes: 2016-2018

Los Angeles: UCLA
in residence in dorm meditation classes: 2010-2016